Monday 28-09-2016
Leipzig, Germany
Data Quality tutorial at SEMANTiCS 2016

May 23, 2016 - August 23, 2016
Integrating RML in the DBpedia extraction framework
Google Summer of Code 2016 project

Thursday 28-04-2016
Brussels, Belgium
RML Editor Demo at iMinds the Conference 2016

Monday 29-02-2016
Antwerp, Belgium
Do it on your own: From 3 to 5 star Linked Open Data with
Workshop/Tutorial on using the RML Editor to generate Linked Data at Open Belgium 2016

Tuesday 16-02-2016
Ghent, Belgium
Hands-on Linked Data Publishing using the RML Editor for the COMBUST network

Friday 12-02-2016
The Hague, Netherlads
RML - generating high quality Linked Data at 6th DBpedia Community Meeting in The Hague 2016

Thursday 21-01-2016
Mechelen, Belgium
Hands-on using the RML Editor for Sustainable Mobile Guides for Tourism

Thursday 10-12-2015
Athens, Greece
Presentation of the RML Editor at FREME Project meeting

Thursday 18-06-2015
Thessaloniki, Greece
Mapping Open Data to the RDF data model with [R2]RML
Tutorial on using the RML to generate Linked Data from Open Data

Monday 23-02-2015
Namour, Belgium
Open Tourism: The importance of enriching your online content with semantic annotations
Workshop/Tutorial on semantically annotating Open Data

Monday 09-02-2015
Dublin, Ireland
Remapping the DBpedia mappings (in RML)
Presentation at the 3rd DBpedia Community Meeting