Easily generate high-quality knowledge graphs with RML.io

Generate knowledge graphs

The RMLMapper and the RMLStreamer are applications for Linux, Windows, and macOS machines for generating knowledge graphs. They both rely on declarative rules that define how the knowledge graphs are generated. Get started immediately by following the instructions on their Github repositories.

Create declarative rules

The RMLEditor and Matey are Web applications that allow users to define how knowledge graphs are generated via declarative rules. The RMLEditor offers a graph-based graphical user interface where users can create these rules by dragging and dropping different data and linking them together. Matey uses YARRRML to create rules. YARRRML is a human readable text-based representation based on YAML.

Use any type of semi-structured data

Knowledge graphs can be generated using any type of semi-structured data. There is support for different formats, such as CSV, JSON, and XML, together with support for different data sources, such as files, databases, Web APIs, and streams.

Guarantee high-quality knowledge graphs

The quality of knowledge graphs is important to ensure their usability. Validatrr is an application for Linux, Windows, and macOS machines that allows validating knowledge graphs before they are generated, by relying on declarative rules.

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