The RMLEditor offers a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to enable data publishers, who are domain experts, to model knowledge derived from multiple, heterogeneous data sources. The RMLEditor uses RML as its underlying mapping language, offering a uniform GUI to its users to edit rules.

In the following video we give an introduction to the RMLEditor and its features.

We are currently running a beta community edition of the RMLEditor for personal, non-commercial use. On https://app.rml.io/rmleditor/, you can try out the RMLEditor as much as you want, however some restrictions apply:

  • You can only have a maximum of 20 nodes in the Modeling Panel.
  • You can only upload files with a maximum of 2MB for a single file.

If you would encounter any issues, feel free to send them as issues to our dedicated GitHub repository. We hope, with your feedback, to further improve the RMLEditor. And if this trial would spark your interest to further use the RMLEditor, feel free to drop us a mail (info@rml.io), so we can discuss the possibilities.